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Gold Investment Management

As a registered portfolio manager Gold Investment Management Ltd. will take responsibility for making all the decisions about the investments in your portfolio with discretion, based on your investment needs and objectives, restrictions, financial circumstances, risk tolerance, time horizon and other relevant factors.


Portfolio Management

  • Analysis of current financial standing and review of all family related investments

  • Assessment of client ability and tolerance for risk

  • Definition of investment objectives and preparation of an Investment Management Agreement (IMA)

  • Recommendation of suitable investments and asset mix.

  • Selection, monitoring and rebalancing of the investments on a discretionary basis in a segregated portfolio.

  • Delivery of quarterly portfolio statements.

  • Investment suitability, and changes in personal needs or circumstances.

  • Assist with deposits, transfers and withdrawals.

  • An annual “Know Your Client” review to discuss portfolio results and any changes in your circumstances.

Investment Philosophy

Passive Core

Gold Investment Management employs a Passive Core approach, utilizing low cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) to implement the strategy. With attention to tax efficiency and low trading costs, Gold Investment Management constructs portfolios with multiple asset classes and broad geographic diversification in order to capture a wide range of global capital markets activity.

Value & Income Tilt

Finding value is one of the cornerstones of Gold Investment Management’s approach to investing. Value strategies have been shown historically to give greater upside as compensation for bearing risk. We compliment the value approach by seeking securities that provide relatively high income in today’s low yielding market environment.

Active Overlay

The Active Overlay complements both the Passive Core and Value Tilt strategies by seeking to add alpha during both falling and rising markets. Due to Gold Investment Management’s independence and size, we have the ability to respond to market changes and rapidly alter course. We are constantly seeking opportunities to add value during rising and falling markets.

Risk Tolerance

Gold Investment Management builds investment portfolios that suit an Investor’s individual risk tolerance.

Asset Mix Monitoring
& Dynamic Rebalancing

Gold Investment Management’s team of portfolio managers continuously monitors and dynamically rebalances portfolios to ensure that they are in line with their original weighting and strategic asset mix. For example, during market downturns we may take advantage of the pessimism by buying relatively cheap equity ETFs and selling relatively expensive fixed income ETFs. Conversely, after an extended rally we may take advantage of the exuberance by selling relatively expensive equity ETFs and buying relatively cheap fixed income ETFs.

Quick Facts

  • Custodians

    Credential Qtrade Securities Inc., National Bank Independent Network, Interactive Brokers LLC, RBC Investor & Treasury Services

  • Auditor


  • Legal Counsel

    AUM Law, Felesky Flynn LLP, McCarthy Tétrault LLP 

  • Bankers

    Bank of Montreal, Canadian Western Bank

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